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    Auction bug



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    Auction bug

    Post  SunRise on 12th February 2018, 20:47

    Found another interesting bug:

    1. Create clan lvl 3
    2. Put adena in CWH
    3. Make bid in auction
    4. Cancel Bid
    5. Make bid again (it will take from CWH only difference between first and second bid)
    6. Cancel bid
    7. Get full second bid price -10%

    Didn't manage to fix it totally, but I had to hardcode it in case not to destroy server economics:

    In Auction.java

    private void returnItem(String Clan, int itemId, int quantity, boolean penalty)
                if (penalty) {
                    quantity = (int)(quantity * 0.9); //take 10% tax fee if needed
                    quantity = 0;  //Seems like it can cause bugs, let's cut it
                ClanTable.getInstance().getClanByName(Clan).getWarehouse().addItem("Outbidded", _AdenaId, quantity, null, null);

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    Re: Auction bug

    Post  DnR on 13th February 2018, 04:02

    I never thought there would be such a critical exploit in project.
    Fixed in r598. Thanks a lot for reporting, and i'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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