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    Software changes


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    Software changes

    Post  DnR on 12th February 2018, 03:21

    Hello folks.

    If you take a look at the latest update details, you will realize there is a change in package structure.
    All packets have been moved to network package along with few client-related classes.
    This should have been done so long ago, but there was so much mess that i was neglecting such tasks.

    Next comes the completely abolishment of Javolution library. We definitely have to improve software quality once in a while.
    After this, more game-related updates are to come.

    Thank you a lot for your support.


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    Re: Software changes

    Post  Reynald0 on 12th February 2018, 05:50

    I did some practice with the SMF forum engine, if you are interested in installing a theme I have no problem. You can use the default theme or customize it.

    I give you my example, I modified it a little: https://l2devsadmins.net/reynaldev/

    SMF uses PHP as far as I saw the code and the database uses MySQL or MariaDB

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    Re: Software changes

    Post  WilliamFS on 24th February 2018, 00:34

    You're welcome, thanks for your work!

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    Re: Software changes

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