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    Skills had functions when have low hp



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    Skills had functions when have low hp

    Post  confejulian on 15th January 2018, 02:41

    Hello everybody.

    I had checked the next skills.

    • Totem Spirit Bison.

      Final Fortress

      Final Frenzzy

    These skills have something on common. All of these skills when u have less than 'X' % of life are turn on, and supposedly when u heal on higher percentage of the skills need to be activate, this skill was unabled.

    In the case of Totem Spirit Bison, u can use the skill with higher hp and don't work, that's fine, when u have the skill activated and get lower than the % needed the skill work, that's ok, but when u have the skill active and u heal higher than the percentage needed to active the skill, the skill was not disabled. That's a problem.

    In the case of FInal Frenzy, and Final Fortress, are passive skills, these skills when u have low hp they not activated. Should be activated and deactivated like the others.

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    Re: Skills had functions when have low hp

    Post  DnR on 5th February 2018, 03:03

    Don't fully trust status window. Try to refresh your stats by casting a random buff on yourself and you will notice the difference.
    You have your stats increased, even though this is not visible on client.
    This is a small client issue that occurs with conditional and passive skills in most l2j servers.


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