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    Development channel

    Post  Reynald0 on 1st January 2018, 07:08

    I have decided to create a channel for people to learn to develop their own ideas for their own servers. Additionally I want to add that I offer development services for L2j servers, Lisvus is a Java-based datapack (L2j).

    These are the services I offer:
    Creation of personalized Quest (Client - Server) [The NPC that the client has will be used]
    Adaptation of codes
    Customization of NPC (source code)
    Personal assistance on the server
    Explanation for beginners (Advisory) of the datapack
    Creation of private SVN repository (in ASSEMBLA)
    Explanation of why to use SVN repository
    Advice to set up your server using LINUX [Local or production]
    DESIGN of your web page for PC and mobile (On mobile gives the impression of being an APP) If you want to see an example enter from your mobile to: https://goo.gl/FSGbBn
    Forum for your Lineage 2 server. Example: https://goo.gl/5ioxev
    Creation of an icon, image or button for Interlude. The image in PNG, JPG, BMP ... etc format is required.

    Development videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPplyR6HYLGkf1M-WKkRIQ

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