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    Clan hall spawn location.(SOLVED)



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    Clan hall spawn location.(SOLVED)

    Post  confejulian on 10th December 2017, 17:20

    Hello, i don't know if is for my Geodata, but, when the clan members owners of the Clan Hall Bronze Chamber, in Aden Castle Town, respawn in the clan hall, or take a soe to Clan Hall, they can't move.

    I had teleported to the location, and i had obtained this coords:

    144028(change a little each time),28208,-2275

    OK i think i'm respawning for a little down the floor, i teleported in z to -2250, a little higher and work's fine.

    My question are, where can i find these location to modify Z axis? I try to search in mysql on Teleport, on Clanhall, on locations, i can't find it.

    Thanks you.

    SOLUTION: On zone.xml are the locations i was searching

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