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    Newbie charecters bug


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    Newbie charecters bug

    Post  improvise on 4th December 2017, 05:00

    Hello everybody! Respect to developers, probably the best C4 i ever seen I love you
    There is a small problem with parameter AltNewCharAlwaysIsNewbie = True in the config file altsettings.properties. Thus, none of the characters are newbies. In table charecters in the row newbie to all exposed parameter 0, regardless of the configuration above. Sorry for my bad english (not my native language).

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    Re: Newbie charecters bug

    Post  DnR on 31st December 2017, 18:16

    Hello and welcome. Smile
    I haven't noticed such a problem.
    Newbie status requires a minimum level limit and a maximum level limit.
    Do you meet these requirements?

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