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    Commit 595


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    Commit 595

    Post  DnR on 25th August 2017, 23:01

    Revision 595

    - Added Raid Protection for GrandBoss minions. Thanks kroustos.
    - Added SearchingMaster script. Thanks Karakan for contributing.
    - Implemented Baium gift. Baium will now kill the one who woke him up. Thanks ASDron.
    - Corrected spawn location for Bloody Priest Rudelto.
    - Corrected spawn locations for Castle Royal Gatekeeper and added missing Royal Gatekeeper for Innadril Castle.
    - Corrected Oren Castle Artifact heading. Thanks ASDron.
    - Added custom option whether skills reuse delay should depend on attack speed or not. Thanks Karakan.
    - Added custom NPC Crest option. Town NPCs can have territory owner's clan crest. Thanks jamaica for suggesting.
    - Improved Effect zone handling.
    - Added rate for cancellation skills. Rate has to be calculated for each buff removal.
      This is closer to retail.
    - Improved negate effect function.
    - Improved SkillCoolTime packet structure. Packet does not have to search all characters skill in order to get skill level.
    - DRAIN type skills will now display damage even if used to attack NPCs.
    - Attack break is not working on immortal characters anymore.
    - Name color will now be saved for characters. Thanks ASDron.
       Note: If GMs want to keep a specific name color, admin must set GMNameColorEnabled option to False.
    - Added a detailed settings list in custom settings file.
    - Improved setcolor command error handling.
    - New Aggression effect that works on players.
      While getting aggressive, if player has targeted caster, then he will attack him. Else, get the target.
    - AGGDEBUFF skills will now work only on monsters and not on guards, like the rest aggression skills.
    - Removed a dozen of useless fields in characters table. Also, the rest of the fields have their types improved.
      For live servers, you can use the following SQL commands to alter characters table.

    alter table characters drop column acc, drop column crit, drop column evasion, drop column mAtk, drop column mDef, drop column mSpd, drop column pAtk, drop column pDef, drop column pSpd, drop column runSpd, drop column walkSpd, drop column str, drop column con, drop column dex, drop column _int, drop column men, drop column wit, drop column movement_multiplier, drop column attack_speed_multiplier, drop column colRad, drop column colHeight, drop column maxload;
    alter table characters add name_color MEDIUMINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 16777215;

    Revision 593-594

    - Added CatsEyeBandit script. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fixed Pursuit of Clan Ambition quest error. Thanks Karakan.
    - Hot Springs spa healing implementation. Now, players can heal from Hot Spring Diseases
      by entering spa zones. Thanks ASDron.
    - Updated Document Base engine.
    - Corrected Cats Eye Bandit (Raid Boss) Z-spawn.
    - Added Baby Pet collars to Admin GM Shop "Pets".
    - Added Cursed Bones to Admin GM Shop "Consumables".
    - Added support for negating skills by id.
    - Fixed item shortcuts not being deleted when item is lost. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fixed Inventory order getting messed at times if Forced Update is enabled.
    - Added minor improvements to Raid Boss protection from previous revision.
    - Added small check to prevent Sweep skill from working on Servitors.
    - Updated Devil's Isle Spawnlist and AI. Thanks Karakan for contribution.

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