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    Commit 592


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    Commit 592

    Post  DnR on 21st August 2017, 20:32

    - Improved Stone Baium's position.
    - Corrected Testimony of Prosperity quest sounds. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fixed Warehouse Keeper's Pastime quest error. Thanks Karakan.
    - Clan Hall "Support" fix. Thanks Karakan.
    - Corpse type NPCs should not have social animations. Thanks Karakan.
    - Corrected default MySQL database install path to 5.7.
    - Little fix for database installer.sh script in Linux. Thanks Reynald0.
    - Fixed broken player auto-attack when player attacked.
    - Fixed pets stop attacking when in immobile state. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fixed pets not attacking when in immobile state. Thanks Karakan.
    - From now on, enemy servitor corpses can be used as material for corpse skills. Thanks confejulian.
    - Added appropriate "give damage" message in case of Transfer Pain. Thanks confejulian.
    - Added minor DOT checks when losing HP.
    - Drain Corpse skills have become more retail-like. After 1/2 of decay time passes, corpse becomes useless.
    - Few improvements regarding attackable NPCs aggro. Thanks Karakan.
    - Added an extra Raid Curse check to improve Raid Boss security. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fixed summons ignoring Geodata during skill cast. Thanks confejulian.
    - From now on, NEGATE type skills can also aggro monsters.
    - Players with a level difference of 15 or more from their pets cannot command any attacks. Thanks Karakan.

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    Re: Commit 592

    Post  lordkill on 23rd August 2017, 22:50

    Thanks for this DnR, i will start to test this.

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