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    9/3-10/3 update


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    9/3-10/3 update

    Post  DnR on 11th March 2013, 01:36

    Hello people,
    Here is the new boring list:

    - Unhardcoded base stats (the patch had several mistakes like skills with effecttype not being affected by stats but it' s fixed now). Thanks micr0.
    - Added missing NPCs in Hot Springs. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Fixed Hot spring diseases. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Added a small check to sword of solidarity quest. Thanks annchen.
    - Fixed enchant route for Mew the Cat skill. Thanks micr0.
    - Html updates. Thanks micr0.
    - Guide handler was updated so that all book items of 3rd class quests are functionable.
    - Added missing spawns in Varka Silenos Village. Some of them are required for new quests.
    - Updated Beta spawnlist. Thanks roko91.
    - Added quest Magical Power of Water Part 1.
    - Added quest Magical Power of Fire Part 1.
    - Fixed party issues. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Improved check for players who are dead before they enter Olympiad Stadium.
    - Improved olympiad check for players with active subclass.
    - Fixed Vengeance skill effect not applied. Critical error for a whole party during a raid fight was reported, but nothing occured to me. Please test and report. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Added SagaSuperClass script, which is the main function for 3rd class quests. After lots of tests, it worked perfectly. I did some changes a while ago, so don' t let your guard down. Razz
    - Added Saga of the Arcana Lord quest. A dozen of those quests will be released tommorow.
    - Added Head Summoner Kinsley spawn in Ivory Tower. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Added missing Tablets of Vision in all over the world of LineageII.

    That' s all for now.
    Thanks a lot for your support.

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    Re: 9/3-10/3 update

    Post  DanielaCZ on 11th March 2013, 02:55

    Amazing job! I admire your work and it is amazing to look forward to from each update.
    You are great!!. Thank you


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    Re: 9/3-10/3 update

    Post  roko91 on 11th March 2013, 16:49

    I knew you wouldn't disappoint us
    These days I was kinda busy because of course project for university but now I am free and will do my best to help the project because its epic just like the game Smile


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    Re: 9/3-10/3 update

    Post  capry on 15th March 2013, 11:50

    Is ready to promote in the development of the project Smile

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    Re: 9/3-10/3 update

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