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    Format all the .java files?


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    Format all the .java files?

    Post  jmd on 3rd July 2017, 13:38

    Can you do a right click>source>format on the java folder with eclipse? I dont see why you havent done it yet. It makes reading the files much easier.

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    Re: Format all the .java files?

    Post  DnR on 4th July 2017, 02:43

    It's pretty simple to ask why. This source has been under development for years, and there were so many things to be done
    that i simply ommited actions like this. There were too many things to modify again and again to perform code formatting like everything is okay.

    Also, though sad it may seem, the majority requests compiled versions to "do the job" so there were definitely no complaints.
    I was planning to perform few changes in project structure and subsequently code formatting, but i prefer doing few more changes first. ^^


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