A Project for Chronicle 4 based on L2JServer.

    L2Revenge [L2R]



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    L2Revenge [L2R]

    Post  Kelrzhel on 19th June 2017, 09:33

    Hello and welcome to our preview topic, L2-R is a c4 project that lacks from gameplay knowdays. Our goal is to bring back the old "Lineage2" meaning , with a little more relaxed features and not so intense farm combining some fancy appereance.
    So lets start about what the project offers:

    ========== Rates ==========
    Experience: 35
    Skill Points : 35
    Drop Items: 5
    Adena : 200
    Raid Drop : 1
    Spoil : 5

    ========== Enchant ==========
    Safe : 3
    Max : Unlimited
    Chance of Normal : Retail (58%)
    Chance of Blessed : Retail (58%)

    ========== General ==========
    24 Buff Slots + 10 Debuff slots
    Olympiad is retail like just classed based participation is 10 players and non classed 2
    Auto Pickup Enabled
    No Dualbox rules
    Skill working decently

    1st / 2nd / 3rd classes are free but you need to get the quest items from the shop , there is no "roy the cat" you change your class on 20/40/76 on the Grand Masters

    ========== NPCs ==========

    Player Shop  - https://ibb.co/jh6rJQ
    Anything you will need , Making S/A to your S grades,  Unseal S grade Equipment etc. No worries or waiting for mammon spawns.

    Gatekeeper - Retail Gatekeeper with a small modification of a new option [Main Areas & Hunting Grounds ]
    Only the critical areas are imported like , home Towns and Boosted Exp - Farm Areas

    Jepetto - L2Revenge Special Trader
    Exchange your raid tokens for the almighty Titanium Armor or give your adenas for the Revenge weapons [See more details on custom section]

    Town Buffer [ Only basic buffs + Ressists Included ] - There is no cov/renewal/siren etc.

    ========== Custom ==========
    Titanium Armor :

    Heavy:CON+3, STR+3 ,P. Def. +22%, maximum HP +1000 ,Atk. Spd. / P.Atk. +6%, M. Def. +25%
    Light:  Maximum HP +1500 Maximum MP +500 Atk. Spd. / P.Atk. +12% P. Def. +10% DEX +3 STR +3
    Robe:   Maximum MP +1000 Casting Spd. +20% M. Atk. + 20% P. Def. +18% M. Def. +15% INT +2 MEN -2

    Each part will cost 2 Raid Tokens droppable from all bosses 70lvl+ on the map and Titanium Ores + Armor Tokens

    Epic - Dynasty Weapons:
    they are Kamael Weapons [Classic Dynasty with hero effect and color glow) and they have retail hellbound stats]

    Giving just some stats... For example Soul gives +20 Atk Speed and avadon +25 casting speed cost 5 million adena each

    ========== Boosted Areas ==========

    DVC - Boosted Exp and 25% to get Armor Token from Monsters [Spoil will have 40% Chance for Armor Tokens]
    Varka - Ketra Boosted Adena Drop and 40% to get Armor Token from Monsters [Spoil will have 50% Chance for Armor Tokens]
    Forge of the Gods 60% to get Armor Token and 5% Titanium Ore [Spoil will have 65% Chance for Armor Tokens and 15% for Ores]

    *Boosted Exp wont give you levels early that means you get a little more Experience than usual on that zone, that means that you can get better Exp on better zones

    ========== GrandBosses ===========

    All grandbosses time will be retail but the droplist will be edited , they will drop Titanium Parts / Ores / Tokens / Weapons / Blessed Scrolls

    ========== RaidBosses ============
    All 70+ lvl Raidbosses will drop Raid Tokens with 50% chance , Armor token 100% and titanium ore 40%

    ========= Subclass =========
    You have to do the half quest , the first part quest items will cost you some adenas from the shop.
    ========== Nobless ==========
    Same as Subclass, you will need to use pipette knife on Baium though [That means you have to complete blooded fabric]

    that is it for now. More to come...

    site will be www.l2r-server.com , will be up in the upcoming weeks

    *** Anyone that wants to help me is welcomed ***

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    Re: L2Revenge [L2R]

    Post  DnR on 20th June 2017, 12:23

    I wish you good luck. Project has upcoming updates in summer, so there will be no lack of support.
    Also, keep in mind that you have to advertise your server a lot.



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    Re: L2Revenge [L2R]

    Post  Kelrzhel on 29th June 2017, 20:10

    DnR wrote:I wish you good luck. Project has upcoming updates in summer, so there will be no lack of support.
    Also, keep in mind that you have to advertise your server a lot.

    thanks for your reply dnr we are almost ready for the alpha stage! if u want drop me a message with your skype! maybe we can arrange something cool

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    Re: L2Revenge [L2R]

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