A Project for Chronicle 4 based on L2JServer.

    Upcoming project



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    Upcoming project

    Post  Kelrzhel on 16th June 2017, 22:01

    Hello community , my name is Howard (Internetic name) i am not from Germany as my account says but it does not matter so much from where i come from. So me and my team are developing a C4 project, using JAVA (i like to be honest) and the features are the following:

    Rates x35 - Adenas x200 Drop x5
    Shop till A grade , Weapons till A grade [A Grade Armors are Sealed and weapons without special ability]
    To unseal armor you will need to farm armor tokens that are droppable generally from all mobs during your PVE and you exchange some adenas for soul crystals to put your weapon a Special Ability.
    S Grade Set Costs 45 million adena each part and weapons 100 million + they are without S/A u need to put the S/A
    Class Manager Free
    NPC Buffer Basic Buffs and Ressists , there no cov and critical songs/dances/Greater Might etc..
    24 Buff Slots + 10 debuff slots
    Olympiad classes/non classed based games (13 participants for classed and 2 for non classed)
    Titanium Armor :

    Heavy:CON+3, STR+3 ,P. Def. +22%, maximum HP +1000 ,Atk. Spd. / P.Atk. +6%, M. Def. +25%
    Light: Maximum HP +1500 Maximum MP +500 Atk. Spd. / P.Atk. +12% P. Def. +10% DEX +3 STR +3
    Robe: Maximum MP +1000 Casting Spd. +20% M. Atk. + 20% P. Def. +18% M. Def. +15% INT +2 MEN -2

    Each part will cost 2 Raid Tokens droppable from all bosses 70lvl+ on the map and Titanium Ores + Armor Tokens

    Epic - Dynasty Weapons:
    they are Kamael Weapons ( Classic Dynasty with hero effect and color glow) and they have retail hellbound stats

    Giving just some stats... For example Soul gives +20 Atk Speed and avadon +25 casting speed ( cost 15 million adena each)

    Dyes - Retail like and whatever is on retail shops
    Enchanting: Retail like Rates
    Safe +3
    Max is Unlimited
    Grandbosses time will be touched to match faster and better pvp

    Boosted Adena Zones + Exp :

    On Varka and Ketra you can get Titanium Ore with 15% chance or by spoiling with 35%

    I think this reminds a small classic taste of old good L2 memories just with a little customization that people might do not like

    that is it for now.. what is your point of view?

    Trolls/Spammers will be reported and ignored till the punishment, keep it clean

    If someone wants to help just pm me Smile

    Help positions: Put droplists, create xml , multisells , client side

    everything from the above is welcomed Smile

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    Re: Upcoming project

    Post  Karakan on 17th June 2017, 00:44

    First of all...Good luck with your project/server.
    Second - There is a server advertisement area for things like this.
    So this is the wrong section to post it.

    Regards Cool


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    Re: Upcoming project

    Post  Kelrzhel on 17th June 2017, 10:50

    Karakan wrote:First of all...Good luck with your project/server.
    Second - There is a server advertisement area for things like this.
    So this is the wrong section to post it.

    Regards Cool

    oh thank u but that is not an advertisement , i am discussing about the project how people see it and if someone wants to help around

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    Re: Upcoming project

    Post  jmd on 1st July 2017, 17:02

    Better make Normal S Grade the "hard to get" gear. As a player i always hated when i had to download 100mb+ patches that would end up messing my client.

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    Re: Upcoming project

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