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    Lets unite and make a proper server.


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    Lets unite and make a proper server.

    Post  jmd on 10th August 2016, 21:30

    So i have premium web hosting and a few vps servers to do whatever i want with.

    I am currently running a high five server that died pretty quickly ( you see people dont like honest servers anymore and prefer to play on 15k fake player servers or whatever kids play these days ).
    If its not against the rules ( this is my server www.l2fx.com ). To check out the quality of my hosting services.

    What i wanna do is to gather like-minded people from here and form a team. I assumed the bigger the team and affiliates the better the chances of success.

    I know from experience having big teams is a cluster fuck of opinions so the server's gameplay will be pretty basic. Of course we will be using lisvus for it with low to mid rate settings i am thinking something between x7 and x15 with retail or doubled buff duration. All the rest will be retail like. In the future if we ever decide on a common theme we might be doing more complex servers.

    If you are intrested register on this "secret" forum i set up http://www.deejmd.ml/forum and share your ideas, questions or at the very least show your support.

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