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    Changelog 24/04/2016


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    Changelog 24/04/2016

    Post  DnR on 24th April 2016, 18:33

    Hello friends.
    I'm here with the new changelog.

    - Implemented Castle Functions.
    - Support magic, and HP/MP regeneration functions have been added.
    - Corrected Clan Hall MP regeneration rate. Thanks Flopix.
    - Fixed potions not being usable while casting a skill.
    - Fixed dyes not being refreshed properly in inventory after adding the corresponding symbol by talking to NPC.
    - Removed login update ip task. It was useless.
    - Fixed SelectorThread Interrupted exception while shutting down gameserver.
      Shut down called interrupt() method while thread was sleeping, causing exception.
    - SelectorThread is a daemon thread only once server shuts down.
    - Added Honey Bear AI. Thanks Karakan.
    - Datapack order has been altered according to common sense. Folder sql and folder tools will now reside outside gameserver folder,
      since they are also used for the sake of loginserver.
    - Added Boss protected zone for Anakim/Lilith.
    - From now on, Anakim and Lilith spawns will depend on RaidBossSpawnManager. AutoSpawnHandler was quite buggy for boss respawn.
    - Added a script protection for Anakim and Lilith.
      Unless Seal of Avarice is in effect for one of the cabals, no players can attack their corresponding bosses.
    - Added a small Anti-Hack enchant protection according to sl1m's report.
    - Improved client closing by cleaning some missing values.
    - Fixed an MMO Core protection turning into a server killer if an error occured.
      For now on, SelectorThread is more stable and harmless.
    - Fixed NPE for a Party packet. Thanks sl1m.
    - From now on, every client sending unknown packets will be kicked. A flood was reported long ago. Thanks Karakan and sl1m.
    - Took care of Login Server useless update ip logs.

    The newest changeset is 575.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

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