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    Revision 568 (19/03/2016)


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    Revision 568 (19/03/2016)

    Post  DnR on 19th March 2016, 21:01

    Hello people.

    I'm here with revision 568 just as i promised.

    This update focuses on a more stable and well-written community board than before.
    Known bugs were fixed, and code was improved while getting rid of old l2j C4 code.

    Other changes done:
    - Added a configuration whether showing characters list in Community Board, or not.
    - Replaced a dozen of throwable catches with exception catches.
    - Added support to //recall command for recalling offline characters.
    - Command //recall will now inform admins whether recall has been successful or not.
    - Fixed siege settings for Life Control Towers' HP not being applied. Thanks sl1m.
      From now on, variable _maxSiegeHp will serve this purpose.
    - Rooted monsters that can't reach attack target will choose the next closest target to attack.
    - Fixed clan buffs not being applied to pets by their owners, if owner did not belong to a clan.

    Thank you all for supporting the project.


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