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    News & Updates

    Post  DnR on 16th March 2016, 01:42

    Hello guys,

    These past few days i got some free time to spare, so i decided to focus on project a bit more.
    Some time ago, a multi-functional AI was proposed (Thanks Karakan), which l2j has been using for years.
    Well, not lately due to their "neverending" reworks, but it's still a really good progress.
    After all, even some IL projects are still using the old out-of-date AI system.

    In Datapack, NPC AIs were set as described below:
    - NPCs who possess long-ranged skills have balanced-type AI.
    - NPCs with long attack range (archers) have archer-type AI.
    - NPCs who possess long-ranged damage skills have mage-type AI.
    - NPCs who possess none of the above have fighter-type AI.

    Other changes:
    - Admins can change NPC AI type using //edit_npc command.
    - The following skills have been implemented to serve the needs for the AI of Court Sorcerers and Healers.
      Gludio Flame, Gludio Heal, Aden Flame, Aden Heal.
    - Fixed an issue with NPC skills being loaded. If NPC had registered 2 skills with the same ID, only the latest would
      be stored to the skill list. Now, skills are loaded properly and NPC will be able to use both skills if needed.
    - Renamed method getEffect to getFirstEffect. That makes it easier for admins to adapt given patches that contain this method.
    - Improved Seed skill core function a little bit.
    - After much consideration, i decided to allow the cast of Overlord buffs to pets.
      This is a C5 feature, but it's an improvement that has no negative effect to the gameplay, plus it makes sense...!
    - Added buff icon limitation to ExOlympiadSpelledInfo packet, just like in MagicEffectIcons.

    I'm also planning to commit revision 568 really soon, so stay as tuned as possible.
    (P.S. My apologies for not explaining AI features with details, but after much coding i get tired and lazy.  Razz)


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    Re: News & Updates

    Post  Karakan on 16th March 2016, 16:15

    Great work as always DnR ! Smile

    When i've some free time left i'll setup a new server to check Ai and report if bugs occur.
    Thanks for adding that feature.
    One Step closer to retail c4 gameplay!!^^

    Talking about C5 :
    I had an idea forking your/our project and trying to update it to c5.
    Just like c4, there arent any c5 servers left on the Planet.
    Ill post results here on the forum when ive something to work with.
    Who knows maybe we can even have 2 branches C4 & C5.
    Those were the golden ages of L2 after all.


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    Re: News & Updates

    Post  DnR on 16th March 2016, 20:10

    A C5 project would be really cool.
    I'm not sure whether you should upgrade C4 files or downgrade Interlude files, though.
    I believe C5 is more similar to Interlude than C4.


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    Re: News & Updates

    Post  cyberghoser1 on 16th March 2016, 23:08

    Nice updates! C4 is by far the best chronicle of lineage 2, be sure i am here to provide support with compiled revisions as much as i can.
    Would be sad if this project is left, many people like it, I cant tell if its stable or not etc, but for sure when it achieves a milestone or something, many will use it for live.

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    Re: News & Updates

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