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    Post  DnR on 5th March 2016, 13:25

    Hello guys,

    It seems i can't pay enough attention to the project due to lack of time.
    Support and answers might be minimal, but i will at least try to improve the project code, even though i'm rarely present in forums.
    This is a notification for the 2 recent changes along with a recap of 2 previous.

    - Added new Zaken script written in Java.
    - Corrected a reported clan hall's wrong merchant ids.
    - Cleaning a part of hating code.
    - Fixed GMViewWarehouse packet. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - From now on, if buff slots exceed 30, since client can't support more of them, extra buff slots are set in the place of first buff slots.
      For example, a character has wind walk Lv.2 as a first buff, and Fist Fury as a toggle buff.
      First Fury will replace Wind Walk, but both effects will be active.
      If character turns off Fist Fury, Wind Walk will reclaim its slot.
    - Corrected duplicate SA stats. Thank you Flopix.
    - Added a custom option to set buff duration for NPC buffs without affecting skills duration.
      For example, NPC Dance of Mystic buff may last for 2 hours if setting is set to 7200 seconds, but if casted by Blade Dancer, it lasts for 2 minutes (retail).

    Have a nice day,

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