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    How to make the NPC=)


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    How to make the NPC=)

    Post  annchen on 5th March 2013, 18:14

    Как сделать так, чтобы НПЦ, которого я спавню - не исчезал после рестарта сервера?

    How to make the NPC, which I Spawn - did not disappear after restarting the server?

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    Re: How to make the NPC=)

    Post  DanielaCZ on 5th March 2013, 20:10

    use restart server or admin command //reload npc First import sql in to DB :-) very easy any problem :-) just must have correct npc ID, template ID, all is easy :-) GL IF you spawn npc on server example: //spawn (your id:) npc still on server all time. for dellete npc from server just use admin command (target for npc) and //delete npc is dellete from (your spawnlist)

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