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    Revision 556-557


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    Revision 556-557

    Post  DnR on 7th November 2015, 17:29

    Hello people.

    I'm really sorry for the delay, but there are times when my time is minimal.
    This update focuses on Valakas AI. While testing, i found and fixed some bugs as well.

    - Added new Valakas AI.
      In addition to old L2JServer script, this script will spawn Valakas in the nest at Invisible state thanks to the invisibility fix.
      Fixed few other flaws such as boss heading, immortality in dormant mode, spawn animation etc.
    - Fixed some bugs for Heart of Volcano teleportation.
    - Changed stats for Valakas skills.
    - Added a small fix for fear skills.
    - Fixed problem with Dragon Breath being applied twice on players.
    - Fixed players /using stand while standing and targeting castle throne.
    - Fixed skill reflect working on Raid Bosses and Grand Bosses.
    - Fixed an error in RaidBossSpawnManager caused by Anakim & Lilith.
    - Added throw up effect. (throws players up to the air)
    - Fixed setVisible method not making objects invisible.
    - Fixed spawn animation not working at respawn. Thanks Karakan.
    - This retail feature was added for Antharas/Valakas.


    When restarting at the Lair of Valakas or the Hall of Flames after a server returns to service, if a player fails to log in within 30 minutes, the character will be transported to the nearest town upon reconnection.

    Thanks a lot for your patience. Smile

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