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    Post  DnR on 18th October 2015, 13:50

    Hello guys.
    After days of absence, the following changes have been made.

    - Support has been added for the following quest items:
      1) Lidia's Diary.
      2) Lidia's Letter.
      3) Contract.
      4) Map of the Forest of the Dead.
    - Added Queen Ant java script.
    - Fixed Proof of Alliance quest problem. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Fixed Dorian Raid Fighter not attacking. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Removed useless Core/Queen Ant minions from minions table.
    - Corrected Nurse Ant NPC type.
    - Fixed Fake Death client heading bug. Thanks torsello.
    - Fixed broken teleport to Castle. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - After editing NPC, NPC-Race and quest events are now reloaded. This takes care of editing flaws.
    - Now, quests won't be reloaded when reloading NPC templates. NPC templates will inherit quest events from previous template.
    - Fixed some admin spawn commands not working (//spawnday, //spawnnight, //spawn_reload).
    - Fixed admin_respawnall command deleting day/night creatures, but not respawning them.
    - Added onCreatureSee quest event. This also provides support for Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead quest.
    - Summon animation will now be used by force for monsters who have it. Thanks Karakan.
    - Small cleaning on Quest class.

    That's all for now. Thanks a lot for reporting.

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