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    Craft Manager


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    Craft Manager

    Post  Karakan on 22nd September 2015, 18:00

    Craft Manager (can crystalize and craft items)
    Useful for freshly started servers with low population at the begining.

    Works like a charm!
    Have fun!^^

    In your db make a custom NPC with type = L2CraftManager

    Html to use with your custom NPC

    <font color="LEVEL">Name:</font><br>
    Good day to you partner!<br>
    A spare weapon, some gold, a small gem, is all I want in<br>
    exchange of the equipment you'll need on whatever<br>
    quest you might undertake.<br><br>
    Now, now, now... Don't be shy.<br>
    All of my items are guarenteed for life<br>
    and come with a two day warranty!<br><br>
    <td><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Crystallize">Crytalize items</a></td><br>
    <td><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Manufacture">Craft items</a></td><br>


    +# NPC Crafter                                                  -
    +#                                                              -
    +# Can the craft manager create normal items
    +CraftManagerDwarvenCraft = True
    +# Can the craft manager create common craft items
    +CraftManagerCommonCraft = True
    +# Can the craft manager crystalize items
    +CraftManagerCrystallize = True
    +# Default Price Multiplier
    +CraftManagerPriceMultiplier = 0.1
    +# Default price, if reference price is zero
    +CraftManagerDefaultPrice = 50000
    +# Multiplier for number of items you need to have to craft

    L2CraftManagerInstance.java    (\java\net\sf\l2j\gameserver\model\actor\instance)


    config.java (\java\net\sf\l2j)

    After :

           public static boolean JAIL_DISABLE_CHAT;

    Add :

    public static double ALT_CRAFT_PRICE; // reference price multiplier
     public static int ALT_CRAFT_DEFAULT_PRICE; // default price, in case reference is 0
     public static boolean ALT_CRAFT_ALLOW_CRAFT; // allow to craft dwarven recipes
     public static boolean ALT_CRAFT_ALLOW_CRYSTALLIZE; // allow to break items
     public static boolean ALT_CRAFT_ALLOW_COMMON;
     public static double ALT_RATE_CRAFT_COST;

    After :

    JAIL_DISABLE_CHAT = Boolean.parseBoolean(otherSettings.getProperty("JailDisableChat", "True"));

    Add :


     ALT_CRAFT_ALLOW_CRAFT                   = Boolean.parseBoolean(otherSettings.getProperty("CraftManagerDwarvenCraft", "True"));
     ALT_CRAFT_ALLOW_COMMON                  = Boolean.parseBoolean(otherSettings.getProperty("CraftManagerCommonCraft", "False"));
     ALT_CRAFT_ALLOW_CRYSTALLIZE             = Boolean.parseBoolean(otherSettings.getProperty("CraftManagerCrystallize", "True"));
     ALT_CRAFT_PRICE                         = Float.parseFloat(otherSettings.getProperty("CraftManagerPriceMultiplier", "0.1"));
     ALT_CRAFT_DEFAULT_PRICE                 = Integer.parseInt(otherSettings.getProperty("CraftManagerDefaultPrice", "50000"));
     ALT_RATE_CRAFT_COST                     = Float.parseFloat(otherSettings.getProperty("RateCraftCost", "1."));

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